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Wordless Wednesday – Is BMO From Adventure Time Expressive of Feminism?

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Wordless Wednesday…Indiana Jones Shinanigans

If only archaeology was this exciting. I think this is one of my favorites thus far.

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Wordless Wednesday – Cyber Archaeology?

With changing technology and human relying more and more upon it, many have referred the human species as cyborgs.  We not only have become to rely so much upon technology, but it has literally became much a part of us, our culture, and our life style. You can’t leave your house without a phone that has your entire life planned in it. Are we becoming ‘cyborgs’ as a human race?

The video clip that I am featuring this week is about cyber archaeology, a way to try to preserve sites but at the same time allow individual the chance to be on a site without really being there. Is Cyber Archaeology the future of the discipline? Does it benefit or take away from archaeology?

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Wordless Wednesday… bad and interesting anthropology videos

As we conclude our visual challenge week in Presenting Anthropolgy, we realize that it is a challenge to make a video but there are some pretty bad and interesting videos out in the interwebs about anthropology that have been made. These videos either describe a topic or anthropology as a whole, I will let you decide if it is interesting or just bad.  I share some of the few…enjoy.




Anthropology lesson….I think he has gotten some thing wrong..

The Song of Homo habilis

Women’s Behavior…..this is so wrong, creepy, and appropriate 

Cultural Anthropology

My little Pony Anthropology

Applied Anthropology Presentation…..

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Wordless Wednesday – Ethnography video

Anthropology: People, Strangers, and Reactions

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Wordless Wednesday – Audio Challenge

For the next couple of weeks, our new challenge for Project Presenting Anthropology is an audio challenge. This would include parody songs , interviews, podcasts of lectures, and YouTube videos of interviews, songs, etc. I decided to just do a general search of YouTube videos to see what I can find. So my Wordless Wednesday to you are videos that are heavily interview based. ENJOY!

Major in a Minute: Anthropology

iDeclare – Who majors in Anthropology?

Interview with Levi-Strauss:

What would Alien Anthropologists Think of Us?

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Wordless Wednesday – Valentines Day & My Little Pony Anthropology

Anthropology and My little Pony….this is what I stumbled upon when I was looking for Anthropology videos….interesting

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I bring you LOTR and Harry Potter ! Happy Valentine’s Day!!






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Wordless Wednesday – The Game Anthropologist

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Wordless Wednesday -Eddie Izzard and ERBH

Eddie Izzard on Archaeology

And Epic Rap Battle of History – Some humor towards my research

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