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I know that I have been lacking in the thesis update department, but I do plan to get better at that. This week for Research and Design, we are working on building our literary review for our thesis. This is actually suppose to be a practice run of sorts. But the idea is to also improve our writing skills as potential scholars. Tonight we were discussing how important it is to practice our writing skills and ways to improve our writing skills. Personally I love writing. I am much better at writing by far than testing. I would also prefer to write a 25 page research paper than take a test, its not because I don’t know the information or the material, its because I get horrible testing anxiety that I blank out on tests. So writing is what I like to do. With that said, I know that I am not the best when it comes to grammar. I am frequently reminded by my fiance who looks over my papers. But when I do take the time to write a paper for whatever class or conference it may be, I do go back and edit my work. The tendency that I do have is that I like to write whatever comes to mind at that moment and time. It works at that moment, but I do put it away for a few hours to a day and then I go back to edit my work.

One of the tips that the professor expressed tonight was to write all the time and to practice writing even if there isn’t any purpose to it. So it got me thinking that I should do this as well through the use of this blog. I do intend to be better at posting more on here especially with thesis updates. This weekend I will post more updates on that subject. I do hope though that people who do read my blog have enjoyed what I have posted thus far. Well back to the grind stone!

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Wordless Wednesday – Audio Challenge

For the next couple of weeks, our new challenge for Project Presenting Anthropology is an audio challenge. This would include parody songs , interviews, podcasts of lectures, and YouTube videos of interviews, songs, etc. I decided to just do a general search of YouTube videos to see what I can find. So my Wordless Wednesday to you are videos that are heavily interview based. ENJOY!

Major in a Minute: Anthropology

iDeclare – Who majors in Anthropology?

Interview with Levi-Strauss:

What would Alien Anthropologists Think of Us?

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Anthropology in Social Media

It has only been two classes in the pro-seminar of Presenting Anthropology and it has really opened my eyes to all the different types of social media that is out there now. It has only been recently that all these types of communication has come into existence and I have been proven that I am behind on the times. But it is inevitable that everything in the world has or will become part of the digital world, mainly the way we as human communicate and there is no stopping it. Unless Skynet takes over and then we are all screwed.

As many academics know, the public know very little about anthropology other than what they have gathered from Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, or Bones. Both not the highly of accurate sources, but at least anthropology is knew if it very little.

As a project for the course, we are to explore various social medias that could present or be useful for anthropology and for our personal research. As a way of reaching out to the public to educate and gather information. And with that I have not only created this blog but I also set up a Twitter and site.  As I have stated before in older posts, that I created this blog to just talk about various subjects within Anthropology and my studies as a grad student, but I am also using it to talk about my research and what I am working on towards my thesis, and hopefully get some feedback.

I may add some links later on to some other Anthropology sites that are both interesting and I think would be helpful.

You can follow me on Twitter @anthrogeek_tina

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