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Presenting Anthro – Print Challenge

Our next challenge for the next two weeks in Presenting Anthropology is the print challenge, to present our work or anthropology in print (posters, flyers, etc). It got me thinking about the past projects that I did as an undergrad and the project I did for teaching American Red Cross courses. I have primarily used print media as a teaching tool. I have still to figure out how I will like to present my research. But I wanted to share some of the projects that I have done.

SLave housing

As an undergraduate at the UMW, I worked on a historic preservation project that interpreted slave housing and talking about the myths behind slavery that the general public has often been misinterpreted. I continued this project into an internship at the Menokin Plantation site. I created a poster that could be used as an information board that would be placed in an area that might have had slave quarters. I tried to make it very simple for interpretation by using language that could be universally understood by the general public. This simple poster was accompanied by a research paper that I wrote about myths surrounding American slavery and the understanding of slavery housing.

Performing an Initial Assessment 2012

Although this is not an anthropology project. I am an instructor for the American Red Cross teaching CPR, AED, First-aid, Lifeguard Training, Water Safety (including swim lessons), Babysitting Training, and I teach individuals how to become an instructor to teach swim lessons and water safety (instructor trainer).  I created this flow chart to make understanding CPR easier than just reading it out of the manual which can become confusing. Teaching CPR to teenagers can be a challenge because many of them do not want to just read and many are visual learners, many people in general are visual learners, having this flow chart has helped individual learn and retain the information. I will have to say I am very proud of this flow chart.

I update this chart whenever there are updates in CPR and I share this with all my students in every class that I teach. I have also provided this chart to various pool companies and gyms that require their staff to be trained. It has not only been used as a teaching tool, but it has been used to help refresh and review individuals to be better prepared in emergency situations.

WSI flyer for AFF Lifeguard flyer for AFF

These are two flyers that I created promoting my courses. I haven’t really done anything with my research. I am looking forward to what I may come up with.

As stated before, I am still trying to figure out how to portray my research in print. Let the brainstorming begin!

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