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Wordless Wednesday – Bilbo and Gandalf enjoy the snow!

Once again Virginia got some snow and my trip to Florida got cancelled. So today, Bilbo and Gandalf enjoyed the snow.  A good break from thesis writing and reading, but still a very relevant activity.


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Writing my Chapters

Alrighty, recovery from getting my wisdom teeth pulled lasted longer than I had anticipated. During that time, I was able to type up all my book notes, notes on theory, organize my thesis binder, and began writing the theory portion of my thesis.

I began writing my theory chapter first because (I think) that the theory portion is the most difficult and most involved than the other chapters. I also chose a structuralist perspective, heavy on the Claude Levi-Strauss (there wouldn’t be any other way). When choosing a theory, it is important to keep in mind that theory reflects the individual. I say this because I relate to the structuralist perspective, it makes sense to me. As an undergrad, I was highly influenced by my mentor, adviser, and now friend, in structuralist thinking.  So it would only be natural to me to use this theory in my analytically thinking on LOTR. I am sure that the other theories can be worked into this topic as well.

My goal is to write a chapter a month, maybe more depending on the topic of the chapter.Being organized and dedicated makes the difference between reaching a goal in a specific time frame and letting that goal linger and drift further away, never being reached. My graduation is official for the summer, I am responsible to get myself there.

Also it is Wordless Wednesday, so I leave you with this.



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Getting back into the Swing of Things

Last semester was the most stressful semester of my graduate career. One class took most of my time and I was not able to keep up with my blog as much as I would have liked. Now with the New Year I am dedicated to working on my blog more and keeping up with it. This semester I am working on two projects: my thesis and an ethnography. I decided to move back home to Virginia for the semester due to financially not being able to afford living in Florida and I have some opportunities in Virginia towards a career in teaching. I also decided it would be best to spend my time being with my family while my husband was still deployed. With that being said, I have started working on my thesis starting this week. I have planned out my thesis writing schedule. My plan is to spend 6 hours a day working on my thesis: 3 hours reading, 3 hours writing.  My goal is to have at least one chapter written and approve by the end of the month. Some chapters will be easier than others, but as long as I stay motivated I will accomplish my goals. The ultimate goal is to be completely done writing my thesis by the end of this semester.

As far as the ethnography that I am working on this semester, I will be looking at gender equality and culture within the military. I will be looking at the policies and procedures that have been put into place to make the military more equal for women, men, gays, and lesbians. I am still waiting on the the approval from the IRB, but once it gets approved I will be able to start work on that project.

The goal for this blog this semester is to share my process and work of my thesis and various other projects I will be working on, as well as sharing more news about the anthropology world.

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