One Does Not Simply…Write About Anthropology

My Time as a Graduate Student

Writing my Chapters

on January 23, 2014

Alrighty, recovery from getting my wisdom teeth pulled lasted longer than I had anticipated. During that time, I was able to type up all my book notes, notes on theory, organize my thesis binder, and began writing the theory portion of my thesis.

I began writing my theory chapter first because (I think) that the theory portion is the most difficult and most involved than the other chapters. I also chose a structuralist perspective, heavy on the Claude Levi-Strauss (there wouldn’t be any other way). When choosing a theory, it is important to keep in mind that theory reflects the individual. I say this because I relate to the structuralist perspective, it makes sense to me. As an undergrad, I was highly influenced by my mentor, adviser, and now friend, in structuralist thinking.  So it would only be natural to me to use this theory in my analytically thinking on LOTR. I am sure that the other theories can be worked into this topic as well.

My goal is to write a chapter a month, maybe more depending on the topic of the chapter.Being organized and dedicated makes the difference between reaching a goal in a specific time frame and letting that goal linger and drift further away, never being reached. My graduation is official for the summer, I am responsible to get myself there.

Also it is Wordless Wednesday, so I leave you with this.




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