One Does Not Simply…Write About Anthropology

My Time as a Graduate Student

A New Semester

on August 22, 2013

I leave tomorrow for Pensacola for another semester of graduate school. I am sad for leaving North Carolina and Virginia for another year of school, but my goal is to achieve my Masters degree in Anthropology and the only way of achieving that is to just go get it. This past summer has been an adventurous one from being at home with my parents helping them to Brian getting his orders to deploy and having to move our wedding up four months. Although it was stressful and having to move our wedding, I am glad we did it. I am so happy to the wife I a great Marine officer and I am very proud.

At the wedding we had a family friend who is a Colonel in the Marine Corps say to Brian “Don’t whistle while you pack and be excited to see your wife when you get home.” Meaning – being deployed is a great opportunity for any Marine and as excited as one is to go, he or she leaves behind love ones and spouses, and when one comes home they should be happy to back home with their family and loves ones. Even though the Colonel was speaking to Brian (and it applies every much to him), it also applies to me and many of us who want to achieve a goal in life. This time last year I was leaving Virginia to live out a goal and I am doing it again this year, to gain my Master’s degree. We have to leave our love ones sometime to achieve those goals. I leave my parents as well as Brian and in a couple of weeks he is be deployed overseas for the next 6 months. I am fortunate to already be in the graduate program and taking courses, it will be a distraction to be busy and keep my mind off of missing him. This is a great opportunity for him to be going on this deployment and even though we both will miss each other greatly, we were able to make it through this past year being separated and we can do it again. This time apart has built us as individuals as well as a stronger and more loving couple.

This semester I will be taking courses in three of the four subfields of Anthropology (the program really doesn’t have anything on the linguistics side) – 2 classes with a focus in archaeology, biological, and cultural. I am taking 4 classes, which really isn’t recommended but I like a challenge. This semester will be a challenge emotionally and academically. But I do have a great network of family and friends at home and in Florida who help and support me every day.

My goals this semester is not only to get through these classes, but to start building my resume and getting it out there. My goal for the year…to hopefully be able to write and finish my thesis in the Spring of 2014 (if not the Summer 2014). I want to be able to be home during the Spring semester and write my thesis so that I can spend that time with my parents, especially my father who has cancer, and hopefully be teaching at a local community college. Once Brian gets back in April-ish, we do not know if he will still be stationed in North Carolina or we will be moving somewhere else. And I would like to be finished with my Masters so that I may be able to pursue a career wherever we are stationed. I have been able to achieve my goal in getting all of my class but one elective and thesis hours, done in a year and half.

As far as this blog, I am still going to post as often as I can. With classes starting, projects, and readings, I should have more to talk about and share. My hope is that this blog my help in some way to anyone who is thinking about pursuing a degree in Anthropology or grad school. Everyone’s experiences are different, mine is just one perceptive. But I do want to educate more individuals on Anthropology as well as educate family and friends who still have no clue as to what I do as an Anthropologist.


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