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Social Media and Anthropology

on April 4, 2013

283cbaf75d5bb4ac1e6ba4422b9ec14dIn earlier posts and throughout this semester, I have posted about anthropology in the social media and how anthropology can be presented for not only academics but for general public knowledge. I came across this image on Pinterest last night and thought this described the social media world perfectly.

Just a short few years ago, there  was not as many social media outlets on the internet as they are today. We actually had to talk to people face to face, write letters, and there was no texting or at least it cost a lot to text, but we actually had to talk on the phone.

So with anthropology, can we apply anthropological research and knowledge to these social medias? If so, can it be done successfully?

One of things that I have found difficult is not only does the the general public have difficulties understanding what it is that anthropologists do, but what is out there in the internet. For instance, I can type in “anthropology” on Pinterest and what gets brought up are products from the Anthropologie clothing store because people spell it wrong when pinning. This happens with a lot of social media sites, so what can be done? Unfortunately it is like teaching children, we must keep repeating until the concept sticks. Using various social medias avenues can be useful in just getting the information out there. Most of learning and knowledge comes from television, movies, and the internet. Many people will look up a topic on Wikipedia and claim that they know everything there is to know on that subject, because it is there. Also, the general public doesn’t take the time to read and research, they want to know the answers at that every moment and what better way to find those answers is via interwebs.

Social media is expanding and does not seem to be slowing down any, unless Skynet takes over and crashes the system and then the world will be taken over by robots. In seriousness, it is not going to slow down. If anthropology wants to be known in a wider audience  anthropologists should be adding social media to their artillery as well as learning, using, and keeping up with various social media.

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