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Wordless Wednesday – What the Public Thinks We Do Through Movie Clips

on March 13, 2013

When I am asked what I am studying and I respond “Anthropology,” there are several reactions that I get in return. They are mostly questions of “what is anthropology,” “do you like working with dinosaurs”, “that’s archaeology right?,” “you work with animals?,” or “you do what that one lady does in Bones.”  I feel like I do mini Introduction to Anthropology presentations every time I talk to someone about what it is I am studying. Which makes for good practice. So this week’s Wordless Wednesday, I give you what the general public thinks we do as anthropologists through movie clips of popular movies and TV shows.

Studying Dinosaurs – Jurassic Park

Indiana Jones  – because archaeology IS this dangerous

National Treasure – not too sure what he really is

Bones – a show about an actual anthropologist 

Studying animals……animals are people too?

But some of us do study Primates!


4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – What the Public Thinks We Do Through Movie Clips

  1. […] Wordless Wednesday – What the Public Thinks We Do Through Movie Clips. […]

  2. As a brand new anthropology student, I thank you for your candor. I already get the questions when I say I am going to major in anthropology. I have conceded after a few minutes of trying to explain it without referencing movies or televisions shows and seeing nothing but blank stares to finally give in and say “Indiana Jones.” and then a light turns on. It is quite sad.

    • Tina Estep says:

      I am glad that you enjoyed my post. It is sad, but it just gives us more of a push to make anthropology more public. So that the public does understand what we do. Even as a grad student, I still encounter this issue all the time. It is good practice to define anthropology and ways to explain anthropology to the general public so that they will understand. Don’t get frustrated just use it to your own teaching advantage.

  3. Amy says:

    You mean anthropology isn’t about studying bugs?

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