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My Time as a Graduate Student

Monday of Spring Break

on March 12, 2013

It is Monday of Spring Break and I already feel accomplished. This past weekend Brian and I went with our mothers to our wedding venue, approved the catering and approved our wedding cake. Which was phenomenal! Chef Nancy is the baker that I am getting my cake through and she is an amazing woman. Here cakes are all natural, no red-dye, and no preservatives. We are having a very simple cake, but I am not going to tell what it looks like or the flavor of the cake. It is going to be a surprise, but I am super excited about it.

Today, Mom and I approved the wedding flowers of stargazer lilies, red spray roses, and white roses. All my vendors are local shops because I believe the best service comes from those who are working to keep up a small business that they have a passion for. My wedding gown and bridesmaid gowns come from a small local shop as well. You are more than just a number to these local shops and these people take the time to make the bride feel special.

Although this post isn’t very anthropological but it is a week to relax and get some things done. And weddings are very symbolic and ritualistic. In America, the planning brings together a mother and daughter closer than in most moments of life. This is also a time when parents of both the bride and groom are closest in their lives, until it comes to pregnancy and children. But this week my mother and I plan to finalize all the wedding plans because this is the only time that I can really be in town and the summer begins to cut too close to the wedding date. The last BIG decision to make is on the invitation design, which I believe that will happen tomorrow. I really did not want to go a whole week of not posting because it is very easy to just ignore and not be on the computer during a time when I am away from school. So why not post about what is going on and how one grad student spends her spring break.

With that I have been thinking about my past spring breaks from my time as an undergrad. I have never really gone anywhere, I just spent that time either working or catching up on school work. Which is something that I am trying to accomplish this week, get ahead on at least my primatology homework and research paper. I am also a discussion leader for Presenting Anthropology next Monday and I am going to try to kick butt on it. Not too sure how, but I will try to get together some pretty cool things to show for our video challenge.

I also wanted to mention that this past weekend was the Southern Anthropology Society conference and two of my friends/colleagues presented a paper on Liminality of the Abhorsen book series. I have not talked about this project too much, but a sneak preview for now is that this is a side project that I am working on with these two. And it is comparing and contrasting, structurally, various fictional series. The ultimate goal is to write a book on how we anthropologically and structurally broke down these fictional series. I will post more about this project another time. But I am really happy to report that they had a successful presentation.


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