One Does Not Simply…Write About Anthropology

My Time as a Graduate Student

History of Anthropology

on January 10, 2013

This morning in History of Anthropology, we discussed the reasons why the discipline emphasizes heavily on our own history, commonly referring back to past anthropologists that have either influenced anthropology itself or influenced personal research. I never really realized how much myself, my colleagues, professionals, etc commonly refer back to various anthropologist during conversation with each other. Anthropology is a small discipline that is starting to grow, but we can still trace our academic genealogy back through those whom we have studied under and to Boaz or Malinowski. It becomes almost mythic. It is pretty interesting that many, if any other discipline, does that.

And this also got me thinking about the UMW Anthropology Department t-shirt that was created with the genealogy chart.

UWM genelogy


It is pretty cool to be able to see my Anthro heritage.


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