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My Time as a Graduate Student

Research Project – Modern Myth Making

on January 8, 2013

all the places I have been We all know the myths and legends of the Greeks, Celtics, Native Americans, etc. But have we looked at modern myths that are within our culture?

When we discuss myth, it is often in the discourse of a past tense and refers to cultures like the Greeks; but what if it was brought up in a present context of modern myth-making through fictional literature.  Fictional literatures are constructed through the imagination of an author who structures a world that mimics our own for the reader to relate through the point of view of the fictional characters. That world that has been created is just as real to the characters juxtaposed to the readers and their world. Through a reader’s eye, the author’s imaginary world is a figment of one’s imagination; but to the characters within the story, it is their culture, their reality, and to them the world is their reality when we know it to be imaginary or a fantasy. Myth becomes reality. My research is to analyze fictional literature through ways of constructing modern myth-making and the reality that is a result from myth and the reality that becomes the basic building block of the construction of myth.

My research is a continuation of a growing project that I have been working on with two of my colleagues, teasing out the similarities of various fictional works and comparing it to one another while to trying to explain why readers connect so well with these works. One reoccurring theme within these literatures is references and similarities of Judea-Christian methodology.

We have already read Harry Potter  and Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series, and I am currently working on the Lord of the Rings. If you have any other suggest, please let me know. However, they must follow the specific elements: must be a series, fantasy of sorts, and NOT Twilight. 


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